Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coconut Body Butter

So while standing at the pharmacy a couple of weeks I noticed this Palmer’s coconut lotion and I was quickly drawn to it.  I stepped off the line and gravitated to it.  I opened it and smelled it like I often do and it immediately reminded me of the Laura Mercier’s body butter.  Of course I bought it because besides it smelling good I’m just addicted to everything coconut!

First let’s begin with the obvious – the price.  Palmer’s lotion retails for $5.99 and the Laura Mercier’s body butter retails for $60.  In comparison the Palmer’s lotion is lighter in constancy and Laura Mercier’s is much richer and IMO lasts longer scent wise and on the body.  Both contain coconut oil and almond oil which I love.  Palmer's contains Manoi oil which I like as well - I see it as a bonus.  If you prefer a strong, long lasting, luxurious rich lotion / body butter definitely go with Laura Mercier.  Want something less expensive and lighter in consistency and scent but still has that yummy coconutty / almond oil scent, Palmer’s lotion is for you.  I personally love both!!  I tend to wear the Palmer’s lotion to bed; it’s my go to lotion on a daily basis. I save Laura Mercier for a special occasion or on those days that I’m not going to wear a perfume since the scent is strong enough to wear alone.  

If you get either one or both of these amazing lotions please let me know how you feel about them.  Thank you for reading!








Sunday, May 15, 2016

Outfit Of The Day - OOTD 4/30/16

Posted this really late but hey, better late than never.  Right?  So, in the description box you will find the links of what I wore.  Unfortunately not everything is available.

I hope you enjoy!!!  As usual please feel free to contact me with any questions!!

Thank you for reading / watching!!!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Party 2015

Heeeey Everyone!!

This year I'm not feeling festive but I decided to go to my job's holiday party.  Yes I did have fun as usual!  A lot actually lol.  

Here are a few pictures of my makeup and outfit!  I kept it simple and comfortable!

EYES:  I used a combo of Urban Decay's NAKED PALETTE 1, 2 and basics. MAC black track gel liner and eyelashes are from KISS in Ritzy.  Anastasia Brow powder in Ebony.

FACE:  MAC studio sculpt concealer (unfortunately MAC decided to discontinue this product). Kat Von D pounder foundation, MAC Fix + spray.  MAC blush in Blush Baby.  TheBalm highlighter in Mary-Lou Manizer.

LIPS:  MAC chrome glass (discontinued) in Uber Peach. 

CLOTHES:  Dress is from NY&C, LV shawl, black shoes (not pictured) Enzo Angiolini and Wool coat by Jones New York.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  May you spend it with your loved ones!!!  

There are people out there, especially a day like today, that would give anything to have what you have.  Be it family, a home or something as small as a warm meal.  Never take the small things for granted for it may be gone in an instant.  Nothing is promised!  

May you all be blessed today and always!  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's in my travel makeup bag?

Hello my beautiful people!!

I know, I know, its been over a year since my last post - SORRY.  I won't make any false promises like I've done in the past and say that I'm gonna post more often because one never knows what tomorrow will bring.  

Anyways, I finally made a YouTube video about what I pack in my makeup travel bag.  The items you see in this video are usually what I take on any trip whether it is a weekend getaway or an actual vacation.  The only thing I might switch would be the palette.  If I'm not packing my Lorac Pro palette then most likely I'm taking my Urban Decay Naked 1 palette and I may also switch my brow pencil and take my Anastasia brow powder instead.  As far as body lotions, face moisturizer, makeup remover and my Clarisonic usually will get packed together in another pouch.  

If you have any questions / requests please free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy!!!! 

Glossy Kisses

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

NYE Outfit Of The Night - OOTN 12/31/13

Quick outfit of the night post. Simple and comfortable. Yes, surprisingly these 6 inch heel boots are comfortable. I only stumbled twice BUT I blame the liquor I consumed. Hey, it was New Years Eve LoL!!! Its ok that I had a drink or two, maybe 6 - right? 

Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year.  May 2014 bring everything 2013 didn't!!!!



Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hello Loves,
So I made a video woohoo - FINALLY.  I decided to start w/ a tag since its the easiest thing.  I decided to go w/ the Louis Vuitton Lovers Tag - I mean who doesn't love LV!!!  Shoot, I know I'm a bit LV obsessed lol.  Anywho, hope you enjoy the video.  If you have any questions or requests please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. 
Also, so SORRY for the bad quality.  I had to film this video on my iPad since my camera decided to not cooperate w/ me.  Guess who needs a new cam - yup - ME!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feeling Like Myself...

YouTube Video

It's been a while since I looked at makeup. Heck, it's been a while since anything caught my attention. Yesterday was a good day for me!!! I felt "normal", like my old self. I did a tiny haul, I wanna buy a few more things before I make a haul post.

Stay tuned!!

Thanks For Reading!!
đź’‹Glossy Kissesđź’‹

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life Happened...

Hello Everyone!!

Soooo, its been forever since my last post.  I really don't know where to start but I will say this, HOLY HELL this has been one f*cked up year for me!  This post isn't going to be about beauty, fashion or skin care.  Its going to be a bit more deeper, personal.

2013 has been by far the hardest year I've had in a very long time.  Recently I've had people asking me why I haven't blogged or posted a YouTube vid especially now that I'm not working.  Well, life happened!  It literally knocked me down and I haven't gotten back up.  I'm not motivated.  Nothing interests me anymore.  I don't laugh / smile like I used too.  I stopped calling friends.  The things I once enjoyed I no longer care for.  I haven't been into celebrating any holidays which is sad because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I find myself getting sadder as it approaches.  I'm just in a "I don't want to be bothered" state of mind.  If I could sleep my days away I definitely would and I have.  What exactly happened to me?  Well...

I should start by saying I was not partying like the rest of the world on New Years Eve, 12/31/2012 I was sleeping.  I remember waking up to the sound of people screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR and me feeling such sadness.  I don't even think hubby and I said Happy New Year to each other.  From that point on I knew it was a bad sign, I felt it.  Moving forward, I was not happy @ work and it definitely showed in my performance / attitude and I was getting in trouble.  In May I unexpectedly lost my dad.  I miss him terribly, sometimes I play old voicemail messages he left me.  Probably not the most healthiest thing to do but hey at least I get to hear his voice / laughter. In July while on vacation I got really sick and I lost a day because I missed my flight (I had a mini melt down at the airport).  It's not like me to be unorganized, I'm always on point w/ my stuff.  While on vacation my cat got sick.  She was diagnosed w/ cancer.  I was selfish and refused to put her down.  Hubby would ask me "do you think she's suffering?"  I'd say no but deep down I knew she was but I just wasn't ready to let her go.  Yea she was just a cat but she was / is my baby, my "first born" if you will.  September 18th I noticed something was different / off with her and in my heart I just knew *sigh*.  I picked her up, kissed her, put her on her bed, kind of said my goodbyes and went to bed.  When I woke up the following morning she was gone.  It broke my heart to have to wakeup hubby to tell him because he was the one that took care of her, they developed a bond towards the end.  I used to call them my 2 cancer patients because although he took care of her, I took care of them - make sense?  His reaction broke my heart.  Anyways, I wrapped her stiff body up and took her to the vet.  I cried the entire day!  Several weeks later (now in October) a very good friend of mine (hubby's best friend) passed away.  That very same day we got the call about our friend I got home from work and I hadn't even taken off my jacket when I get a call about my aunt - she passed away too.  REALLY??  WTF??!!!  I was just not getting a break!!!  I guess by this point I'm in a state of shock, somewhat numb.  How much more can I handle?  How many more losses?  Why now?  Why us?  Why me?  Last month, November I got fired after working there for 7 years.  Need I say more??  No I was not happy w/ the job, the commute sucked, the money sucked, I was going nowhere there BUT I developed a bond w/ the people.  That's what hurts me the most, the fact that I won't see, talk and just plain ole laugh with my co-workers / friends.  I miss them soooo much!!!  It's like I lost them too!  I guess I should also mention hubby's health isn't 100%, my mom's health also isn't 100%, my relationship w/ my brother took a sudden turn for the worst which is sad because we were super close our entire lives AND my step-dad got incarcerated.  It is now December and I'm patiently waiting for something to happen.  Sad right? 

So yea, Fuck you 2013, I HATE YOU!  I'm hoping 2014 is better, it has to be!!!  I guess things happen for a reason.  Maybe this post is a bit depressing and a bit too personal.  I actually wasn't going to post it but this is life - MY LIFE.  Not everything is always peaches and cream so I decided, screw it I'm going to write about it.  Not only will you get an understanding of my actions lately and why I have that "sad look" as some people have said but it helps me to just release it. 


Thank you for reading.



Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm loving that I'm more active w/ my YouTube channel.  Now that I have a new set up it makes it so much easier.

Anywho, here's my first "get ready w/ me video".  Hope you enjoy :-)

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